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Marty has extensive experience with coaching and editing for the pageant and competition world. Sometimes in competition, results can come down to the details. Nothing is more jarring to an audience or a judges panel, than poorly edited or produced music. 
Marty has been studying the Miss America pageant system since he was a little boy when his big sister Amy was competing. With a deep respect for the program, he went on to produce the Miss New York state pageant handling all aspects of the live show. Marty has edited and produced music for competition at the local, state and national level. He has coached multiple top 10 finalists in talent and interview including Miss America 2019 Mia Imani Franklin. In last years pageant, Marty's work was represented by Miss New York, Lauren Molella - and Miss Oklahoma, Addison Price.

Marty Thomas Music



Custom pageant track without vocals (midi instruments)

We can create a track emulating what you have arranged for your performance. We can create lavish sounding backgrounds for instrumental solos, and for dancers/tumblers/twirlers. Additional cymbal swells and drum hits can be added to emphasize your choreography and make the number even more exciting for the judges and the audience. The track will be fully mixed and mastered so as to sound amazing on any sound system.


(Midi instruments)  Starts at $900


Custom pageant track (Live instruments)

We can source live instrumentalists to make your track sound even more thrilling and professional. Live instruments can take a good performance track and make it outstanding.


(Live Instruments) Send request for a custom quote

Custom pageant track with vocals

We can provide professional Broadway-caliber vocalists to recreate the vocals from your desired selection in any style. We can emulate the background vocals or choral sound of the original recording but with similar vocal sounds to create a royalty-free track that you will be able to use on both the internet and television once proper mechanical licensing is procured. If the track is to be released commercially, you must let us know and we will organize a quote.

(with vocals) Starts at $1200

Send request for a custom quote


Pageant Track Editing

Editing base price is $60 based upon an hour of work - most edits can be achieved in an hour.

For each half-hour of work over the hour an additional $30 for complicated time-consuming edits.

Each session includes one revision.


Remixing Music

A track can be remixed and or mastered to improve the overall quality and richness of the song. The sound level and EQ can be checked and modified if necessary. Builds and accents can be built into the track to build excitement or to emphasize choreography. Sound engineers are not responsible for mixing your track, it should be handed to them ready to play on any system. By mastering your performance, you're making sure the audience and the judges hear the optimal version of your talent presentation.

Remixing - Send request for a custom quote

All work must be prepaid via Venmo or PayPal  

Venmo - @martythomaslovesyou

Paypal -

        Once payment is confirmed your project will be scheduled for editing

The finished product usually delivered within one to two weeks including the necessary music release forms

If this process will take longer based on the time of year or complication of the project, a reasonable time estimate will be provided

If you are working under tight timing constraints, mention that in your initial contact

         MP3 and/or WAV file emailed upon completion

Feel free to email with any questions

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