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Hello friends!

Super excited that you have agreed to be in our hit music video! All the information should be below. Watch the first video for how to set up and format your video. The second video will teach you the song, and you can upload your video at the bottom of the page!

The holidays are upon us, so the sooner- the better! 

xoxo, Marty & Marissa

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What to do!

Learn "Puppies Are Forever"

Here is the new PRO pet adoption anthem by Marty and Marissa "Puppies Are Forever"!

puppies-are-forever-mast1Marty & Marissa
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You can email your videos to OR text. Just let us know if you have any questions or need an ounce of help.

Wanna get some holiday mail from Marty and Marissa?! Just click this postcard and y'all better watch out! It's FREE!

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